Dudley's full espresso bar will meet all your caffeinated needs - hot or iced.


From Breakfast to Lunch to Dessert, Dudley's Bistro has something for everyone.


The heart and soul of Dudley's. Our famous breads and pastries will warm you from the inside out.

"If baking is any labor at all, it’s a labor of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation."

Regina Brett

Our Story.

Every crumb of our bread has a story. It starts with the recipes proven for more than 50 years, spring water and wheat from the local fields.

This is the story about bringing families together, about taking a break from the fast life and creating small moments we want to remember. It is in our nature.

Nothing says home like a smell of freshly baked bread.

Welcome Home.

Fundraisers with Dudley's

Thank you for considering Dudley’s Famous Bakery® for your upcoming fundraising events.

Dudley's Bakery in Santa Ysabel has been making the finest in baked goods since 1963. People love our bread, pastries and pies - which makes it easy to sell.

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30218 CA-78, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070

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+1 (760) 765-0488


Opening hours:

Monday 8 AM - 5 PM

Tuesday 8 AM - 5 PM

Wednesday 8 AM - 5 PM

Thursday 8 AM - 5 PM

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Saturday 8 AM - 5 PM

Sunday 8 AM - 5 PM