The crumbs of bread will
show us our way home

Every crumb of our bread has a story. It starts with the recipes proven for more than 50 years, spring water and wheat from the local fields.

This is the story about bringing families together, about taking a break from the fast life and creating small moments we want to remember.

It is in our nature.

Nothing says home like a smell of freshly baked bread.

Nothing says welcome like a loaf shared with a friend.

Welcome Home.

Welcome to a home of classic bread and baked goods.

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Families favorites for generations

SINCE 1963

Dudley's Sandwiches and Deli

An old way to make a fresh and delicious meal

Delicious deli meats and freshly baked bread.

Sandwiches prepared to order.

Try one of our featured sandwiches, or make your own.

Whatever you decide you will be greeted with a welcoming smile.

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Call ahead (760) 765-0488

and your lunch will be ready when you are!

Deli Hours: Fri-Sun 8AM-5PM, Mons & Thurs 9AM-3PM

Dudley's Bakery